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KUOE is a watch brand that was established in the historic Japanese city of Kyoto in 2020. The brand was created with the vision of appealing a classic design from Kyoto to the world. We want people from around the world to enjoy high-quality classic watches made in Japan.


KUOE’s 1st model, Old Smith 90-001, was inspired by antique watches of the 1960’s. With a smaller, 35 mm diameter, dome glass and ivory dial, the Old Smith model gives a unique, vintage feel associated with classic tanned watches. It was designed with a sleek, minimalist fashion to suit both men and women for any occasion.

"What is Italian Leather?"

It is self-explanatory - the leather manufactured in Italy.Italian leather is one of the three most popular leathers in the world, along with "bridle leather" from the U.K. and "cordovan" from the U.S.


It is a high-priced leather used not only for watch bands, but also for bags, wallets, shoes, and even car interiors, among many other products. Its beautiful appearance and long-lasting durabilityis are highly valued in the fashion and design fields.


Tanning methods are naturally derived from vegetable-based raw materials. As a result, Italian leather is very strong, resilient, and smooth.


In addition, since the leather is "oiled leather" that has been soaked in plenty of oil during the tanning process, the oil that has permeated the leather will dissolve as it is used, gradually increasing the luster of the leather. One of the charms of this leather is that you can enjoy the change of its feel and color over time.


Have you scratched the surface of the leather? No need to be worried.

Rubbing with your finger or nail will dissolve the oil soaked into the leather and make it less noticeable.

OLD SMITH 90-001 Bar Index Black with Italian Leather Brown

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    • Quartz Movement - Cal: SEIKO VD78A
    • Small Second
    • Water Resistant: 5ATM
    • Domed Mineral Glass