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KUOE is a watch brand that was established in the historic Japanese city of Kyoto in 2020. The brand was created with the vision of appealing a classic design from Kyoto to the world. We want people from around the world to enjoy high-quality classic watches made in Japan.


KUOE’s 1st model, Old Smith 90-001, was inspired by antique watches of the 1960’s. With a smaller, 45 mm diameter, dome glass and ivory dial, the Old Smith model gives a unique, vintage feel associated with classic tanned watches. It was designed with a sleek, minimalist fashion to suit both men and women for any occasion.

Lychee leather is a leather strap made of the finest cowhide. It is named as the texture of the leather surface resembles to a surface of lychee fruits. With the nice touch of white stichings, processed uneven colours of its surface gives more antique appearance.

OLD SMITH 90-001 Green Bar Index with Lychee Leather

SKU: os90001-bgr-ly-mbr
    • Quartz Movement - Cal: SEIKO VD78A
    • Small Second
    • Water Resistant: 5ATM
    • Domed Mineral Glass